Developing with Guineu

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GuineuIDE is an add-on for your development environment. To initialize it run the following comand from the Command Window:




You have to repeat this step everytime you restart Visual FoxPro and want access to the Guineu menu. There are two solutions to avoid repeating this step manually. First of all, you could enter GuineuIDE.EXE as you start up program. Go to Tools > Options... and switch to the File Locations tab.



Select the Startup Program file type in the list and change it to point to GuineuIDE.EXE. Click on Set As Default to persist these changes, then close the dialog with OK. If you already have a startup program, you can add the DO line to this program to run GuineuIDE.


GuineuIDE adds a new menu item Guineu that basically consists of a Build menu. The options in the Build menu are only enabled, when you have a Project Manager window open.



Selecting one of the menu options compiles the project into the specified target. All of these targets are explained in the following sections in detail. The basic requirement for all targets is that you have the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 properly installed.