Developing on MONO

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Please install MONO according to their documentation. You can download the current version of MONO from: To test MONO on a Windows machine, you can use their free VMWare Player image that is available on the download page, as well.


After installing MONO, copy Guineu.exe and Guineu.runtime.dll onto the target machine. Make sure these files are either in the search path or in the same folder as your FXP files. To run your application type


mono Guineu.exe yourPrg.FXP


in any shell window. Make sure you use the correct case for all file names.

Licensing issues

Microsoft imposes a strict EULA on distributing code to non-Windows platforms. Therefore you are not allowed to run the Setup program on a non-Windows machine using tools like Wine. You may copy only the following files to a non-Windows platform:




You are responsible for keeping compliant with the Microsoft Visual FoxPro® EULA. In doubt, please contact a lawyer. Keep in mind that the Visual FoxPro® EULA doesn't allow you to distribute any other file except for own files to a non-Windows platform. This includes all images as well as all sample code, the FoxPro Foundation Classes, the Northwind Database and any other file in the installation folder.


For a collection of free application images check out:


Non-Windows platforms are not the primary target for Guineu. Not all features of Guineu are available on MONO. Limitations and differences are documented. To get a list of all affected commands, search the entire help file for "MONO".