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This license is for informational purposes only. All efforts have been made to provide an adequate translation. However, the legally binding EULA is the German one.

Use rights

Guineu is licensed to a named developer. This developer may install Guineu on any number of computers and may distribute their own applications without paying additional royalties. If multiple developers work on one project, every developer needs their own license.


It's prohibited to distribute Guineu with applications that are similar to Guineu. Applications that allow users to execute compiled code must contribute significant enhancements over Guineu and may not be targeted at developers. Guineu may not be distributed as a developer library for .NET.


Guineu is an add-on for Microsoft Visual FoxPro® 9.0. Developers need a license for Microsoft Visual FoxPro® 9.0  in order to use Guineu.

License transfer

When you transfer the license of Guineu, you have to transfer all rights to every single program that has ever bin distributed with this license of Guineu to the same person. Usually that's only case when


the licensee sells the business
the licensee is an employee that is not employed anymore and someone else is taking over all responsibilities of that person


In all other cases, the developer needs their own license of Guineu.


Beta versions may only be used for testing. It's not allowed to use them in any kind production environment. Beta versions may not be distributed or passed on to any other person.

Legal issues

All legal issues have to brought up at the Amtsgericht Norderstedt. German law applies for any legal issue.